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Gendler Grants Recipients



Melanie Gunn

Music Teacher, Whitman Middle School
Seattle School District
Grant: $15,000

One-year grant to fund Wenger Instrument storage lockers.

Erynne Johns Smith

Music Teacher, Christa McAuliffe Elementary
Lake Washington School District
Grant: $5,000

One-year grant to purchase a drumming set and handheld percussion instruments.

Kathleen Raschko

Music Teacher, Kimball Elementary
Seattle School District
Grant: $20,000

One-year grant to purchase a set of Yamaha keyboards with accessories, and 24 concert ukuleles.

Kylene Ries

Music Teacher, Oak Heights Elementary
Edmonds School District
Grant: $8,583

One-year grant to purchase a set of six Wenger FlipFORMS risers.




Hilary Eldridge

Music Teacher, Olympic Hills Elementary
Seattle School District
Grant: $19,732

One-year grant to purchase 8 sets of Jumbi Jam steel drums,1 set of Sonor Global Beat GBWEST-15 Classroom Bundle, and 10 Sonor Global Beat soprano xylophones.

Catherine Feller

Music Teacher, Lynndale Elementary
Edmonds School District
Grant: $15,000

One-year grant to purchase of four tenor pans, a double second pan, and the purchase of stands and cases for these new instruments, and three existing pans.

Brian Woolford

Music Teacher, Westgate Elementary
Edmonds School District
Grant: $19,475

One-year grant for the purchase of twelve marimbas.




Mark Edgbert

Music Teacher, Rising Star Elementary, @African American Academy
Seattle School District
Grant: $15,620

One-year grant for an instrument upgrade project based on the purchase of drums and barred instruments.

Kathryn Lenoue

Music Teacher, Rainier Beach High School
Seattle School District
Grant: $20,000

One-year grant for the purchase of a suite of marimbas

Robert Morgan

Music Advisor, Secondary Academy for Success [SAS]
Northshore School District
Grant: $20,000

Three-year grant for coaching services, repairing and replacement of instruments, and purchase and maintenance of a Pro Tools software package.




Amy Stevenson

Chair, Music Department, Lynnwood HS
Edmonds School District
Grant: $20,000

Two-year grant to upgrade the music library repertoire and to fund coaching.