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What does it mean to be a member of the Women's University Club?

We are members of a distinctive club formed over a century ago by strong, enterprising women who wanted a place where smart, motivated, and dedicated women could come together in mutual support, united by a love of learning and a desire to make life as rich and full as possible.

We are learners who enjoy four floors filled with classes, activities, celebrations, conversations, and cuisine a unique environment that nourishes, supports, and encourages us as we pursue our purpose and our passions and the best versions of ourselves.

We are leaders educators, architects, teachers, executives, attorneys, teachers, engineers, artists, and community volunteers. Everyone or anyone who has nurtured or taught or created as a way to inspire others.

Together we are connected to our founders, the bold visionaries who took an idea and made it a reality, then nurtured the reality into a vibrant and dynamic community.

We are the women of the Women's University Club. We laugh. We learn. We lead.