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I am enjoying my first experiences so much...

and am so impressed with the people and events!

Class Act and Substantial Women!

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Seattle's Women-led Social and Learning Club

The doors of the Women's University Club open to a community of women enriched by diverse and shared interests who support and encourage women of all backgrounds as they pursue their best lives.

The Club was founded in 1914 by strong, enterprising women who wanted a place where smart, motivated and dedicated women could come together in mutual support, united by a love of learning and a desire to make Seattle a better place for everyone. For over a century we have embraced our heritage while growing and evolving as the lives of women have changed.

  • We value the friendships that blossom into lasting relationships as each member brings unique talents and life experiences to something bigger than ourselves. The Club is a place full of fun.
  • We are a group of strong and deeply experienced women of diverse backgrounds who believe in promoting, mentoring and modeling as leadership and learning best practices.
  • We share a love of learning reflected in a seemingly endless array of events, activities, programs and classes. We pursue our passions, purposes and the best versions of ourselves.
  • We enjoy and are proud to entertain, hold business meetings or simply relax with friends after a busy day in our gracious and welcoming Georgian clubhouse.
  • We savor temptingly delicious and exceptional meals wine dinners, holiday celebrations, and special occasions along with our regular breakfasts, lunches, and dinners in our warm and welcoming clubhouse.

We laugh, we learn, we lead together.

We invite you to learn more about membership