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In 1914, a small group of college-educated women wanted a place to meet friends, continue their learning, and enjoy cultural and social activities together.  That is why they created the Women's University Club of Seattle.  By 1922, membership had grown to over 600 and—unusual for the era—these determined women had built their very own clubhouse.

For nearly a century, the Club has thrived by striking a crucial balance: meeting the changing needs of our members with enthusiasm while staying true to our founding ideals: laugh together, learn together and be our best selves.

1913-1920 History Maker: 1919

Club Trustee DR. MABEL SEAGRAVE (pictured right) receives the Medaile d'Argent from the government of France for war work managing a hospital for 10,000 refugees.

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1921-1930 History Maker: 1926

BERTHA KNIGHT LANDES, a charter member of the Club, becomes the first woman mayor of Seattle.

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1931-1940 History Maker: 1939

The guest speaker at the Anniversary Dinner is the one of the most famous women in the country: First Lady ELEANOR ROOSEVELT.

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1941-1950 History Maker: 1943

Nationally known Pacific Northwest artist MARK TOBEY gives art classes for Club members in his studio.

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1951-1960 History Maker: 1956

International authority on cooking JAMES BEARD presents a dinner talk on Patio Cooking and the Spice of Life.

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1961-1970 History Maker: 1962

The Club takes great pride in having SEVENTY-FIVE PAIRS OF MOTHER-DAUGHTER MEMBERS who are recognized at the annual Family Tree Luncheon. For years member FRANCIS MacBRIDE decorated the event with hundreds of begonias from her Woodinville estate, now the site of Chateau St. Michelle Winery.

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1971-1979 History Maker: 1979

TONY ANGELL, well-known artist, author, environmentalist and bird-watcher is a guest at a special luncheon. The Club acquires his sculpture Preening Morganser for its collection.

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1981-1990 History Maker: 1988

Local travel writer (and soon to be a national TV star) RICK STEVES speaks about his new book, Europe Through the Back Door.

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1991-1999 History Maker: 1994

Actress CLAIRE BLOOM is the first speaker sponsored by the Opal Orr Fund "a memorial endowment for educational lectures and programs which benefit all."

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2001-2010 History Maker: 2003

JUDY DONNELLY, who started at the Club as a receptionist in 1980, accepts the position of Executive Manager and maintains the position today.

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2011-2019 History Maker: 2019

Seattle librarian, author and literary critic NANCY PEARL continues her reign as WUC's favorite presenter at Book Review—the oldest continuing program.

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2020…and beyond

As current members begin to prepare for the 100th Anniversary of its landmark clubhouse in 2022, it is even more important to share the story of the Club with friends, family and colleagues. Prospective members can expect an enriching experience because at the WOMEN'S UNIVERSITY CLUB — WE LAUGH. WE LEARN. WE LEAD.