Thank you for your feedback!

...we didn't want the evening to end.

The Club provided a lovely setting—elegant yet not intimidating, the food was excellent and the proportions were generous. Everyone commented the staff was extremely courteous and very attentive the entire evening. Finally, your attention to detail throughout the entire planning process, the day of the wedding and the evening itself was exemplary. Mary of our guests have called to tell us what a wonderful time they had.

Judy, it was truly a pleasure working with you. Both Al and I know and appreciate the time, the attention and the planning it takes to provide such a high level of service and run an event on schedule. Your help in planning the events of the evening, having staff move tables on one side of the room while events were happening on the other side and coordinating with the DJ all kept the evening running smoothly without any awkward pauses. Your meeting with Megan and the florist to look at flower containers and select linens to insure all the colors would coordinate was very helpful, but sending your staff to help us move flowers quickly from the Church to the Club was far above and beyond anything we expected. I can't thank you enough for their help.

Your recommendations for the services we needed saved me hours of time and research and all of the providers met or exceeded our expectations. Tim kept things running on scheduled and had the remarkable ability to make it a fun event for the kids yet maintain an air of class. He was a superb master of ceremonies. The cake was beautiful and (hopefully) good—somehow I only managed to take one bite. As for transportation, the kids loved the Bentley and it was fun to have it parked on the street before the wedding, but I can't tell you how much I appreciated your gentle suggestion to end the evening in style. The horse and carriage truly was a "great leave" and your gift basket for Megan and Michael was the final touch of class.

There were far too many other things you provided throughout the planning process, the day of the wedding and the reception to mention in this letter, but all of them made our entire day a little more special, run more smoothly and added an extra touch of class. Our only concern when we walked in to the reception was to make sure we greeted all our guests.

Once again, thank you to you and your staff for an absolutely perfect evening.

Sincerely yours, Al and Margaret