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Natalie Gendler: A Force for Good

As a native New Yorker and Wellesley graduate, Natalie Gendler's adult life took her to Nebraska where she raised a family, earned a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Nebraska and committed years to her profession and community.

Soon after her move to Seattle, Natalie joined the Women's University Club in 1999 where she was to become a vibrant, enthusiastic, and beloved member. Eager to have the Club reach out to the community, Natalie started the still standing association of WUC members working at FareStart's Guest Chef Night. Natalie was also a founding member of the Music Counts! Committee as well as a longtime member of the Scholarship Awards Committee.

As she read the wonderful letters from the scholarship applicants and the school music program directors, Natalie was impressed by the needs and accomplishments of the students and schools. Music was always a part of her and her family's lives and it was her desire to support students and music.

The Natalie Gendler Music Counts! Count Me In! Fund, therefore, supports the continued work of Music Counts!

Thank you, Natalie.